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go to vote in our poll. pick up your dvr remote and set a series recording for "on the record" tomorrow night right here 7 p.m. right here. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> did i stay on topic? are you stupid? thank you all very much and sorry for the idiot over there. >> the barrage of criticism against governor chris christie continues as his opponents are calling him vindictive and corrupt. karl rove and brit hume will analyze what is behind this very personal campaign. >> it's sometimes difficult to understand what senator obama said because as soon as he is confronted on it he says that's not what he meant. >> new book says hillary clinton is also vindictive and lists the names of people on her hit list. >> the teach his or her raped a student and you want them paid? you know that's wrong. >> one of the most disgraceful situations we have seen in a long time.
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the michigan teacher's union trying to get money for a convicted child molester. >> how do you morally justify that, sir? answer the question. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ heir i'm birl. thanks for watching out tonight. the politics of destruction. that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. no question the democrats are trying to destroy new jersey governor chris cities industry they see him as a threat to hillary clinton in 2016 in the presidential race. christie's scandal pretty bad. lots of people adversely effected he says he didn't know about it mr. christie's tile that propelled him to success is now hurting him.
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2012 governor romney is too much of a gentleman. he refused to take the fight to the president, for example, in a third debate on foreign policy, romney could have knocked the president all over the place with pointed questions about benghazi he did not do it stunning many of us who felt it was a legitimate foreign policy issue. romney didn't apparently have the fire in the belly to deliver a knockout blow. christie does and therefore is a threat to the power of the democratic party. believe me that party has lots of problems right now on lots of different fronts. christie who is attractive to independent voters could exploit those difficulties. christie must be marginalized. good way to do that is to use his bluster against him. brit hume put it this way. men today have learned the lesson hard way. if you are an old fashioned guy's guy. you are in cob distant danger of slipping out and get new trouble and make you
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look like a sexist or look like you seem thuggish or whatever. >> if you are passionate and state your position firmly and flamboyantly as governor christie does, you become a huge target. especially if you make a mistakes. now, talking points believes the democratic party does not fear hard right conservatives like senator cruze and senator paul. the left believes there are not enough committed conservative voters to elect those men. of course, they could be wrong. both cruise and cruze and paul are smart guys that could raise a the love money. they will be factors in the upcoming primaries. chris christie is the biggest threat to the democratic party. we are seeing a personal campaign lodged against him that will not calm down any time soon. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction from both brit hume and karl rove. first up mr. rove who joins us from washington. so i'm correct again in my political analysis, right? >> mostly. on the big things, yes. any time there is somebody who is at parody with
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hillary clinton or near or ahead of her as christie has been in recent polls, the democrats are going to, in my opinion, seek opportunities to knock him down a notch or two and they had an opportunity with this bridge closing to knock christie down a peg or two and they jumped on it. >> all right. but they are going to continue it. say with anybody else, say this is the governor of maine and i love maine. but the governor of maine is not going to run for president and hillary clinton. if the governor of maine had done. this one day story, maybe. but this story is not going to go away in the left wing precincts and therefore, a brand is going to be put on governor christie. a brand, that brand is bully. how does he get rid of that brand? think will attempt to put that blame on him. 100 miles away from the
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bridge. out in america. how are they viewing this? what they saw was a leader stood up and said my people screwed up and did things that were offensive and lied to me and i took definitive action. no matter how close they were to me i took action. i goal apologize to the people of fort lee, new jersey for this i asked the fire receive me so i can personally apologize time h most people outside of the northeast, the new york area are going to look at that and say that's what we like to see in leaders, own up for mistakes and problems. take them on themselves and apologize. now, this is going to go on for a while. there is no doubt about it and the democratic assembly leaders in new jersey are going to try to make hay out of this. it's going to be covered by the "new york times." unfortunately new jersey is next to new york so the national media is going to pay attention to this. you need to put it in perspective how most people are going to get this and most people are going to get it that something bad happened and christie unlike so many other people in politic and public life owned up to it they may say he is -- you know, is he is a brash new jersey guy that
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doesn't speak like us. plain, simple people in the midwest do. he is a little bit more brash now going than we scandinavians are. there are going to be lots of reaction position him as an individual. we have to be careful about making big judgments about how most of america is going to foresee this as to how the media perceives it. >> you have two investigations on him. and then you have got the "new york times" as you say going to drive this story all day long. okay. so, say nothing else happens, and that's what happened. couple of rogue staffers did this. and this time six months from now. people have forgotten about it it you also have the war on woman. first president. you saw rick blazio ran against her for the senate if you are aggressive, you are bullying mrs. clinton and this is a perfect task for christie. i know it's a long winded question. but there are two other things in play. john mccain did not go after
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barack obama over the reverend wright stuff because i think that senator mccain just didn't want to get into the racial morass. so he didn't do it. and he wasn't aggressive in running down barack obama's achievements which were scant at that time in his career. mitt romney totally blew it he just wouldn't bring the fight to the president. he allowed him to rope-a-dope and get away with a whole bunch of stuff that chris christie wouldn't have done either of those. chris christie would have been right on the reverend wright stuff and right on the benghazi stuff. and that's what the democrats are afraid of. they have got to destroy christie before he can get to the primaries. >> i'm not convinced that it's just christie. christie is the target of opportunity for them now. but there are going to be serial attackers. any time anybody in the polls gets close to hillary clinton. they will look back at the lesson of 2012 to democrats what they took away from that was, republicans never counter punched all we have got to do is pummel these people. republicans are going to take away from 2012 in 2008 the lesson that you know, if you get attacked, sometimes in politics the counter
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punch is more powerful than the punch. they are going to be in a respectful appropriate way coming back at the democratic attacks. right now christie has to absorb these belows because that's just the way it is. i think the republican candidates whoever they are are going to have to steal themselves for the moment whether you are scott walker or ted cruz, rick perry, marco rubio. rand paul. john kasich, rick snyder, whoever the republican candidates are, they are going to be on the receiving end any time they get close in the polls to mrs. clinton. they are also going to have to deal with this. that the media is consciously or unconsciously going to aid the democrats in this effort. look, we have scandal emerging today it turns out hillary clinton had an enemy's list. >> we're doing that with brit hume. think about is anybody out there demanding we need to hear answers from hillary clinton. a week from now is the media going to be spending as much time on this as they are going to be spending on chris christie in a week?
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i don't think so. >> karl rove, everyone, there she is. next on the rundown as i mentioned. brit hume on why tough guys are dangerous in politics. and a new book. that mr. rove mentioned saying that hillary clinton does have an enemies list. wow. the factor is coming right back. suffering from the flu is a really big deal. with aches, fever and chills- there's no such thing as a little flu.
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our contemporary life that if you have that tough guy image you spook bluntly even sometimes rudely, especially if you take on certain interest, teacher's union in chris christie's case you do run the risk of being accused of being a bully. in the eyes of some people unsympathetic that will be used against you. that's part of where he is here with this. of course this whole idea that he either ordered or created the atmosphere in which this dirty trick could be played on the people of fort lee, new jersey and its leaders, feeds into that very nice nicely. it's been very convenient for those who oppose them. >> there hasn't since harry truman really been a blunt president. every one has been fairly diplomatic. harry was fairly plain spoken as we know and now, you have a special circumstance. hillary clinton is likely to run for about president shoe.
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sea woman. if a man chastises her. misogynistic. all of that. that's absolutely going to happen. >> this sometimes happens with these movements. which are, in some respects, responsible for great social progress. this happened to some extent with the civil rights movement. it was a tremendous success. so that today in america one of the worse things that could ever be said about you. politically fatal if it sticks that you are a racist. also the case if you are accused of being a sexist and that can be made to stick that's also very damaging. some respects, these triumphs have the side effect of placing a. >> how many times have we seen barack obama's critics been branded a racist? >> well, we have had it vaguely stated repeatedly some people can't stand the idea of there being a black
5:15 pm
man in the white house. i think most americans are proud of the fact that there is a black man in the white house. >> 72% approval rating when he took the oath. they have little lists and hillary clinton according to a new book has a list. that list includes, there they are, some big names like john kerry, and ted kennedy, the late senator kennedy, jay rockefeller, these are all senators, bob casey, barron hill, rob andrews and claire mismccaskill. i'm skeptical about all books. i have read some lies in books. i can't tell you. five to one lies to truth in the political books that i read. the reason this was put together is because mrs. clinton helped all of these people at one time or another and then they supported barack obama over her. that was the genesis of the list, correct? >> right. this has to do and a
5:16 pm
striking parallel with the chris christie matter with endorsements. and some of these people from whom the clinton campaign in 2008 sought endorsements, and were people for whom hillary clinton and bill clinton or both of them had done things and they expected the endorsements when they didn't get them they considered in some specific cases a betrayal or what they considered a betrayal got you a number. number seven. that was the one you didn't want because that meant that was a maximum negative numbers. all these politicians got numbers 1 to 7. and if you were a search, you were thought to utterly have betrayed her who decided. >> staff now. fair to point out here. politicians far more than the politicians themselves. these politicians recognize that today's enemy is tomorrow's ally in some cases and it's better not to take things personally and
5:17 pm
it's a burden to hold grudges. staff are often not that way. they can be often imbutterred. >> good parallel between the christie situation and these new allegations against the -- >> -- yeah. excerpt is available now. in the excerpt her name is mentioned in passing but she is not mentioned as having done. this this is being done by staff. it was pretty big deal though at one point to it occupied a wall according to excerpt in campaign headquarters out here in virginia back in 2008 which is a wall of all the endorsements they had sought and how they were doing. diagrams color code canned and all the rest of it. and the list now exists as a spreadsheet and it's supposed to be in the hands of doug band who is bill clinton's long time aid and aid to camp who is now out on his own. >> all right. well, this is -- politics is about as nasty as can you get. i don't know if there is anything more nasty than that everybody should understand that sometimes it's up. sometimes it's behind the
5:18 pm
back. brit, as always. thank you. and directly ahead. american children cadle of the l controversy over pot. and later, watters confronting the head of a teacher's union in michigan who is trying to get money for a child rapist. >> you have a teacher that raped a student and you want him paid? you know that's wrong. you know it and i know it. >> those reports after these[ messages. ♪ like, really big... then expanded? ♪ or their new product tanked? ♪ or not? what if they embrace new technology instead? ♪ imagine a company's future with the future of trading. company profile. a research tool on thinkorswim. from td ameritrade. we're gonna be late. ♪
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impact segment tonight, we continue our reporting on the legalization of marijuana and how it effects american children. let me establish some common ground. every sane person understands that intoxication is bad for kids. right? so we will start there. also, every sane person knows there is a huge difference between how adults handle drugs and alcohol as opposed to
5:22 pm
children. the legalization of marijuana is now favored by the majority of americans. colorado, washington state, the first to legalize pot. more states will do the same. that's a big difference from just 10 years when marijuana legalization was opposed by most americans. change brought about by the media who actively glorify pot use in many precincts kids are getting the message. the study says pot used and acceptance of marijuana is quickly rising among american teenagers. let me be clear. that's a bad thing. no good can come of it. so why then do americans consider to accept and expansion of intoxicating agents like pot? there is a big difference between drinking a glass of wine or beer and ingesting the thc that pot contains. let me repeat. that is a big difference alcohol abuse a tremendous problem in this country, we all know that. and so is drug abuse. now a major gate way drug,
5:23 pm
marijuana, is becoming socially acceptable in many places. the latest is the head of the national football league saying he might support medical marijuana being used to help injured players. >> i don't know what's going to develop as far as the next opportunity in medicine to evolve and to help either deal with pain or help deal with injuries. we will try to continually support the evolution of medicine. >> well, the unintended consequence of mr. gold medal's outlook is -- goodell's every player could be using pot because they are all hurt. every one of them at one time or another. it medical marijuana is used for headaches, you can get a prescription for headaches. of course the kids, if that were to come to pass would see pot attached to football. i don't care what adults do in their own homes, want to
5:24 pm
smoke pot, go ahead. have a general legitimate condition that pot relieves you should be able to get it those who illegally sell the drug should be prosecuted because they are doing harm as the pot they sell sometimes gets into the hands of children. the pushers are responsible for what they do. unfortunately there is no turning back this pot tide. i know, my campaign will convince the marijuana advocates to change their collective minds. these because they either use the drugs themselves or the drug culture should not be a government concern it's hurting the country if the government gets involved. no matter how much i warn the public that children will be harmed by this trend. no matter how much i do that it will not matter. therefore, american children will face yet another obstacle. yet another socially acceptable temptation as if
5:25 pm
they don't have enough. in a moment, mary katharine ham who disagrees with me about this will be here so low: later krauthammer on whether the u.s.a. is finally losing iraq. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. [ male announcer ] start the engine... and shift through all eight speeds of a transmission connected to more standard horsepower than its german competitors. and that is the moment that driving the lexus gs will shift your perception. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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5:29 pm
situation. she joins us from washington. to be fair we have dumped juan williams tonight so mary katharine can go mano a mano with me. your opening statement, please. >> a couple of things. i'm glad you pointed out that some 56 to 58% of americans are pro-marijuana legalization. i stand with that majority of americans. and also such radicals as william f. buckically who said my position on this should not be confused as somebody who is indifferent to drug use as i am not as william f. buckley was not. and with kids i stand with you on issue that. couple other stats as well. when it comes to the drug war some 80% of americans plus when polled about it find that it's a failure. we spend huge amounts of money on it it, 70-plus americans are pro-medical marijuana legalization and 70 plus% of even texans in a very conservative state are prolene genesee for nonviolent drug offenders. we spend hundreds of billions of dollars since the d.e.a. was formed on
5:30 pm
fighting this war. we incarcerate many many people. we arrest 1.5 million. some i think 48% of them marijuana convictions. the majority of those for possession only. and people look at it and go in is a cost benefit analysis is this working that's many many people disagree. >> you ran in the adult precincts very quickly. >> that matters when you are talking about legalization. but go ahead. >> it doesn't matter to me i will tell you why in a moment. 99.8% of federal prisoners sentenced for drug offenses were non-marijuana people. so that means only 0.2% in the federal system, okay? >> arrests are high incarcerations low. you are correct. >> right. very few people. usually a summons, a traffic ticket. >> arrests a little bigger deal. >> that's a big canard that doesn't -- it's not truthful. >> but arrests have serious social costs as well. >> the social cost of having
5:31 pm
legalize the -- you will see a mass of people on the roads causing problems there. school problems. employment problems. and on and on. this thc is a very powerful intoxicant. it's not a buzz, beer buzz. it's much much more. but i'm going to bring it back to what i brought it back last week when you and i had the shootout. you have a child now. all right? >> yes. who by the way did not sign up to be brought up on national tv in a drug discussion. >> if you are going to advocate the legalization of marijuana and you are going to have to answer questions about children and your child is, i'm sure you love her more than anything in the world, you don't want that child at angeg 13 to 17 to be using marijuana i know you. >> i said that specifically last week.
5:32 pm
>> let's start there. you don't want that. okay? >> correct. >> that is the proper point of view but by your stand, by your acceptance, because that's what this is, it has become socially acceptable and all the polls say that the kids, the teenagers think it's more socially acceptable now than before in this country. the use of marijuana is rising in all the high schools across the country. by the time your daughter gets to the teenage years potted will be like chewing gum, smoking a cigarette. that's what it's going to be. it's going to harm the fabric, motivation. one in six teenagers now gets addicted to marijuana once they try it that number is going to go to three to six. that's what's going to happen go. >> a couple things, i don't want my daughter, since we are talking about her to
5:33 pm
drink a bunch of alcohol or have a tattoo when she is a teenager. those things are legal. they are not advisable. i do not think they have to be illegal especially if it takes billions of dollars to keep them illegal. when it comes to alcohol and thc i disagree with you fundamentally on the idea that i think people can enjoy marijuana and alcohol in moderation. >> are we talking children now. >> no. >> why are you gearing out of the children realm. >> talking about legalization for adults not children. >> this is what did you last week. >> and when i answered your question last week that's exactly what did i last week. >> you are pettifogging the issue by taking out of the children realm into the adult realm. i clear live said if adults want to use it, i have no problem with it and they shouldn't be bothered. i clearly said that you dodge the children issue because you can't justify it. >> i just freaking answered it for you. >> alcohol is a plague. more than 10% of american
5:34 pm
adults are addicted. and children are drinking all over the place. >> do you want to be a lady of temperance? would you like to be a woman of temperance? is that your next crusade. >> already bad problem by making another intoxicate can't socially acceptable. >> you want to perpetuate a system that is not working. is it working properly right now, bill? is the problem being solved. >> decriminalize marijuana and send the message to children in a heavy duty way this is not a good substance. we in this country are doing the opposite. we are saying it is okay you are part of the problem mary catherine but you won't acknowledge. >>it you have a pretty big platform you can continue to say that. >> i will. >> it's just as illegal now as it was before. california has not fan apart in 10 years of medical marijuana use. we will see what happens. i look forward to the studies which you do not have yet. >> mary katharineham, everybody. jesse watters confronting
5:35 pm
unbelievable situation in michigan. teacher's union trying to get money for a convicted child rapist. a viewer warning. a very disturbing situation upcoming. legs, for crossing. ♪ et...splashing. better things than the joint pain and swelling of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. if you're trying to manage your ra, now may be the time to ask about xeljanz xeljanz (tofacitinib) is a small pill, not an injection or infusion, for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz is an ra medicine that can enter cells and disrupt jak pathways, thought to play a role in the inflammation that comes with ra. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections andancers have happened in patients taking xeljanz. don't start xeljanz if youe any kind of infection, unless ok with your doctor.
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5:38 pm
thanks for staying with us i'm bill o'reilly in the watters world segment tonight a few weeks ago we reported that the michigan
5:39 pm
association the union trying to secure a $10,000 payment for a convicted child rapist. 39-year-old neil erickson was convicted of criminal sexual conduct with a minor, sentenced up to 30 years in prison. erickson was the 12-year-old's boy's teacher and molested the child for three years. incredibly the teacher's union is trying to get this monster a severance payment. we talked with the boy's parents who were shocked at the union's actions. they say that the situation is even inflicting more pain on their son and themselves we asked the head of the michigan union to stop. he refused. we sent jesse watters out to michigan to confront him. >> you had a teacher who repeatedly raped unone of his own students and get him
5:40 pm
money you can explain that. >> i don't have any comment. >> you know, you are hurting the student and his family even more. don't you care? >> no comment. >> you have no comment whatsoever you have a teacher that raped a student and you want him paid you? know that's wrong? >> you guys have got to go. >> sir, answer the questions, please. you have a kid whose life was destroyed by a teacher. how is that acceptable? >> you guys have got to go. sorry. this is private property. you need to leave. >> how do you morally justify that, sir? answer the question. >> no comment. >> sir, answer the question. no comment. >> can i be perfectly honest with you? you are absolute disgrace. >> brian, would you escort these gentlemen out. >> gentlemen, go. >> that's atrocious, sir. absolutely atrocious. >> move outside, please, sir. >> one last thing you would like to say to the family? >> no comment. >> now, after that confrontation, watters
5:41 pm
secured an interview with the boy who was raped by the teacher. he is now a man, 21 years old going to college. we want to protect his identity so jesse talked to him on the phone. >> when you heard that this union was fighting for $10,000 for the teacher who molested you. how does that make you feel. >> education system is supposed to support their students and their well being, and the fact that the mea is acting child molester and criminal is disgusting. no one will ever know what this man did to me emotionally, physically and mentally. >> now the head of the union, mr. cook, won't comment on this. >> the main job of mr. cook is to look out for the well-being of the school system. how can he do that when he supports the child molester? >> now, some the teachers in this district wrote letters
5:42 pm
requesting leniency, were you shocked by that. >> absolutely. the fact that they took the route that they took. i feel they are just as bad as he did. he molded my mind into me thinking things that i had no control over. >> was neal erickson a mentor at first and then how did he take advantage of you? >> i had significant interest in technological activities our school did not offer. i took it upon myself to learn these interests and he was very receptive of that and helped me with that. he started going over the line. he tried to psychologically take add advantage of me and he emotionally took advantage of me. he often threatened to fail me in my classes at one point he told me that if i told anybody he would dom my house and make sure i regretted it he used alcohol
5:43 pm
to get me drunk. and from there he had me under his arm ever since. >> your dad and your mom really love you a lot. >> i know. and i'm very thankful for everything they have done for me. and i just -- i just wish that there could be closure to this and these individuals supporting neal can see that there is no such thing as consensual at 13 years old. >> well, here is watters. i'm glad it was you out there interviewing him not me. >> you might have taken his head off. >> i have never done that i have done ambush interviews in my career but that guy. it's beyond belief it really is that guy, no comment. the arrogant. you explain yourself, you know, explain yourself there are new developments in the case, what are they. >> they finally released a statement to us. the contract is legally obligated to be followed by the union. they have no choice. >> that's bull. >> they can't decide which
5:44 pm
guy to help and which union guy not to help. the guy is not in good standing with the union. he is in prison. is he not paying dues. they can rip up the contract. if this guy joined al qaeda and killed a bunch of innocent people under that rationale they will still honor this guy's contract? it doesn't make sense. they are choosing to side with the molester. >> they're choosing to do it. is there any reason the guys who supported him this cook guy is there any reason they would do this. >> no. >> find out anything. >> there is really no good reason. the teachers that wrote these letters -- >> -- in support for the mow esther. >> they -- the molester. >> they said it was consensual. they also had a lesson plan for the class to have the students in his class write letters saying how sad they were. that this neal erickson wasn't their teacher anymore. how disgust something that. the union is doing something worse to the mother. the mother has cancer. she wants to get chief meteorologist. she wants to take a week off paid leave. the union will not let her
5:45 pm
take a week paid. she is in the same union that erickson is in. >> this cook has got to go. we will take a look at the attorney general for michigan and talk to him about this guy. good work, watters. krauthammer on deck. will iraq be taken over by terrorists? what about this iraq nuke deal that begins this month? charles is next. back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. ♪ [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap. open to innovation. open to ambition. open to boldids. that's why n york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state.
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book of the book segment tonight, chaos in iraq and iraq nuke deal. joining us from washington author the big new book "things that matter." let's' take iraq first. hard to believe al qaeda and iran are running that country now that we don't have any presence outside of the green zone in our embassy what say you. >> very clear what happened in iraq after we left. obama said he ended the iraq war. no, it was david petraeus
5:49 pm
who ended the iraq war and we won. the civil war was over. al qaeda was utterly defeated and indeed humiliated when the sunni tribes men turned against. the government in baghdad by maliki actually rolled up extremist shiite militias. we were in a position to conclude a strategic agreement where iraq would have been our ally. he would have had three years to do and he failed. i was just reading in the "new york times" that iraq has become anchor door for iran to supply heavy equipment to the genocidal government in washington, d.c. and the word they used in the "times" to u.s. consternation. >> the reason for. >> let me ask you one question. when this was going on. when the united states and the obama administration was negotiating to leave a force in iraq, all right, which is
5:50 pm
what everybody who is sane wanted to do. you wanted to do this, i wanted to do that our military advisors, colonel hunt wanted to do that maliki wouldn't give them immunity from prosecution from the local authorities. that was the big sticking point. and i said that was legit. because you can't have u.s. forces being arrested i said th because you can't have u.s. forces being arrested by the iraqis and tried in their system. >> that was the cover story. there were ways around that. it had been done in other instances. the bush administration had worked its way around that. the fact was, we had insisted when obama was negotiating, about 3 to 5,000, the iraqis immediately understood that was not serious. 3 to 5,000 americans? they're going to be spending the whole time protecting themselves. the other part about this is we insisted, this is absurd that
5:51 pm
any agreement be ratified by the parliament in iraq. the iraqis said don't try that. we don't need that. we'll do it our way. so we're insisting on the constitutional niceties of the iraqi system? we could have had the agreement. >> obama wanted to get out, didn't care what the unintended consequences of that. >> outside now we know what they are. >> it is a pretty serious charge you're lodging at the property. >> no look, what i'm saying -- >> this is a serious charge, because of all the money we spent and lives that were taken. you're saying he knowingly did it, didn't tell the american people he was doing. that is what you're alleging tonight. >> what i'm saying is he knowingly did it because he felt it was a higher either obligation or political achievement. you could put any word you want
5:52 pm
to get out of iraq, to honor the commitment he thinks he made in the campaign. than any other strategic consideration. >> all right. >> and he thought that that would work for him. the fact is we've given iraqi air space over to iran. we've given essentially the running of iraq over to iran, because when we leave a place and we create a vacuum the bad guys come in. and the bad guys now are as you mentioned also on the sunni side, they have now taken over parts of fallujah, parts of are r a amadi, they right now have more control of iraq than any other time in history. >> all right, a very bleak situation, the iran nuclear deal kicks in next week. you have been on this program saying that you believe this deal is terrible for the usa. just give me a 30 second reason
5:53 pm
for that. >> it absolutely guarantees iran will go nuclear. the deputy foreign minister of iran just said a few days ago we had already won. we're fighting on our court. they have accepted the right to enrichment, which we have. and once you accept the right to enrichment, that means they will have a stock pile that leads them a month or two, a month or two, to break out and development a bomb. so the middle east will have to live with, this is even if everything in the agreement is adhered to. if that happens, iran is now a threshold nuclear state ready to break out. and that is why in the gulf they are running around with their hair on fire. and they are terrified. you want how they're not going to go cap in hand, bended knee
5:54 pm
to try to appease iran. they will have nowhere else to go. >> all right, charles krauthammerer, a tip of the day, something i do that you should not do. the tip moments away. what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. [ male announcer ] just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. [ corrine ] super poligrip is part of my life now. we've crafted our power bowls to help you power your day. to seal out more food particles. start with protein-packed egg whites and savory roasted turkey for breakfast. or power up your lunch with antibiotic-free chicken and our flavorful cilantro jalapeno hummus. power bowls from panera bread - power up today.
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when writing to the factor, we're looking out for you. i'm megyn kelly, live in new york city. some administration officials are going off after what justice officials are calling a quota system. plus, two top journeys drop a bo boem bombshell about a hit list, wait until you see the top two democrats on it. we're going home, we're going to cut them loose. fallout after an interview with the real life hero from the box office smash, "lone survivor." reaction from

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